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So now you know about Devon as a theatre artist...but there's a whole world of fun behind the scenes! Here's some bonus content for those of you who've traveled this far!



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Favorite Collaborators.

Emma Rund (she/her) is a playwright, dramaturg, and actor based in Chicago, Illinois. She has been Devon's roommate, best friend, and artistic collaborator for seven years. Her plays center on complex women, intersectional feminism, and science.

For more about Emma, visit her website here.

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Favorite Collaborators.

Christina (she/her) is a theatre artist based in Chicago with a focus on directing and an interest in expanding into TV and film. 

For more about Christina, visit her website here.



When Devon isn't working on a theatrical project, you can most likely find them crocheting their little heart out! Devon's favorite project to date is her granny hexagon cardigan, and she takes commissions and sells her works @devdoescrochet on Instagram!

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